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1. Stop data-mining

We take your data automatically to surface answes and anomaliers you might otherwise miss. Configure business webs via a user-friendly interface for everything from drag and drop form design to workflow configuration to advanced security.

2. Goodbye, human error

Browse an extensive selection of Smart Webs in the Store. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Post a request for a web in the web network. Become an WebMerchant builder for FREE and start selling your SmartWeb today.

3. Answers for anyone

Bring your own device with for real-time access to all of your Smartwebss – Android, iOS, Window and more! Click the link below to learn how easy it is to get started. You also get 5GB FREE of personal File Central storage!

Aplikasi Website yang Terintegrasi

Javascript API available to allow developers maximum control over the widget and chat data.

Webhooks available to export all useful data out of Smart Web into your own or other 3rd party systems in realtime.

Smart Web allow 2000's of integrations with no codding required.

Build your own bots to communicate with visitors for you.

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Dimulai dengan usaha kecil dan menengah hingga dikenal seluruh dunia.

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Simply put: this makes building a Wordpress site a breeze! Absolutely no web design/coding experience needed and there are plenty of options and customizations available in every sense. Thank you TagDiv, for an incredible premium - yet affordable software!

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